Project Falcon…

Project Falcon: Tackling Hadoop Data Lifecycle Management via Community Driven Open Source by Venkatesh Seetharam.

From the post:

Today we are excited to see another example of the power of community at work as we highlight the newly approved Apache Software Foundation incubator project named Falcon. This incubation project was initiated by the team at InMobi together with engineers from Hortonworks. Falcon is useful to anyone building apps on Hadoop as it simplifies data management through the introduction of a data lifecycle management framework.

All About Falcon and Data Lifecycle Management

Falcon is a data lifecycle management framework for Apache Hadoop that enables users to configure, manage and orchestrate data motion, disaster recovery, and data retention workflows in support of business continuity and data governance use cases.

Falcon workflow

I am certain a topic map based workflow solution could be created.

However, using a solution being promoted by others removes one thing from the topic map “to do” list.

Not to mention giving topic maps an introduction to other communities.

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