HCIR [Human-Computer Information Retrieval] site gets publication page

HCIR site gets publication page by Gene Golovchinsky.

From the post:

Over the past six years of the HCIR series of meetings, we’ve accumulated a number of publications. We’ve had a series of reports about the meetings, papers published in the ACM Digital Library, and an up-coming Special Issue of IP&M. In the run-up to this year’s event (stay tuned!), I decided it might be useful to consolidate these publications in one place. Hence, we now have the HCIR Publications page.

Human-Computer Information Retrieval (HCIR) if the lingo is unfamiliar.

Will ease access to a great set of papers, at least in one respect.

One small improvement:

Do no rely upon the ACM Digital Library as the sole repository for these papers.

Access isn’t an issue for me but I suspect it may be for a number of others.

Hiding information behind a paywall diminishes its impact.

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