Pan-European open data…

Pan-European open data available online from EuroGeographics

From the post:

Data compiled from national mapping supplied by 45 European countries and territories can now be downloaded for free at

From today (8 March 2013), the 1:1 million scale topographic dataset, EuroGlobalMap will be available free of charge for any use under a new open data licence. It is produced using authoritative geo-information provided by members of EuroGeographics, the Association for European Mapping, Cadastre and Land Registry Authorities.


“World leaders acknowledge the need for further mainstream sustainable development at all levels, integrating economic, social and environmental aspects and recognising their inter-linkages,” she said. [EuroGeographics’ President, Ingrid Vanden Berghe]

“Geo-information is key. It provides a vital link among otherwise unconnected information and enables the use of location as the basis for searching, cross-referencing, analysing and understanding Europe-wide data.”

Geographic location is a common binding point for information.

Interesting to think about geographic steganography. Right latitude but wrong longitude, or other variations.

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