Microsoft and Hadoop, Sitting in a Tree…*

Putting the Elephant in the Window by John Kreisa.

From the post:

For several years now Apache Hadoop has been fueling the fast growing big data market and has become the defacto platform for Big Data deployments and the technology foundation for an explosion of new analytic applications. Many organizations turn to Hadoop to help tame the vast amounts of new data they are collecting but in order to do so with Hadoop they have had to use servers running the Linux operating system. That left a large number of organizations who standardize on Windows (According to IDC, Windows Server owned 73 percent of the market in 2012 – IDC, Worldwide and Regional Server 2012–2016 Forecast, Doc # 234339, May 2012) without the ability to run Hadoop natively, until today.

We are very pleased to announce the availability of Hortonworks Data Platform for Windows providing organizations with an enterprise-grade, production-tested platform for big data deployments on Windows. HDP is the first and only Hadoop-based platform available on both Windows and Linux and provides interoperability across Windows, Linux and Windows Azure. With this release we are enabling a massive expansion of the Hadoop ecosystem. New participants in the community of developers, data scientist, data management professionals and Hadoop fans to build and run applications for Apache Hadoop natively on Windows. This is great news for Windows focused enterprises, service provides, software vendors and developers and in particular they can get going today with Hadoop simply by visiting our download page.

This release would not be possible without a strong partnership and close collaboration with Microsoft. Through the process of creating this release, we have remained true to our approach of community-driven enterprise Apache Hadoop by collecting enterprise requirements, developing them in open source and applying enterprise rigor to produce a 100-precent open source enterprise-grade Hadoop platform.

Now there is a very smart marketing move!

A smaller share of a larger market is always better than a large share of a small market.

(You need to be writing down these quips.) 😉

Seriously, take note of how Hortonworks used the open source model.

They did not build Hadoop in their image and try to sell it to the world.

Hortonworks gathered requirements from others and built Hadoop to meet their needs.

Open source model in both cases, very different outcomes.

* I didn’t remember the rhyme beyond the opening line. Consulting the oracle (Wikipedia), I discovered Playground song. 😉

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