School of Data

School of Data

From their “about:”

School of Data is an online community of people who are passionate about using data to improve our understanding of the world, in particular journalists, researchers and analysts.

Our mission

Our aim is to spread data literacy through the world by offering online and offline learning opportunities. With School of Data you’ll learn how to:

  • scout out the best data sources
  • speed up and hone your data handling and analysis
  • visualise and present data creatively

Readers of this blog are very unlikely to find something they don’t know at this site.

However, readers of this blog know a great deal that doesn’t appear on this site.

Such as information on topic maps? Yes?

Something to think about.

I can’t really imagine data literacy without some awareness of subject identity issues.

Once you get to subject identity issues, semantic diversity, topic maps are just an idle thought away!

I first saw this at Nat Torkington’s Four Short Links: 26 Feb 2013.

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