Simple Web Semantics (SWS) – Syntax Refinement

In Saving the “Semantic” Web (part 5), the only additional HTML syntax I proposed was:

<meta name=”dictionary” content=”URI”>

in the <head> element of an HTML document.

(Where you would locate the equivalent declaration of a URI dictionary in other document formats will vary.)

But that sets the URI dictionary for an entire document.

What if you want more fine grained control over the URI dictionary for a particular URI?

It would be possible to do something complicated with namespaces, containers, scope, etc. but the simpler solution would be:

<a dictionary="URI" href="yourURI">

Either the URI is governed by the declaration for the entire page or it has a declared dictionary URI.

Or to summarize the HTML syntax of SWS at this point:

<meta name=”dictionary” content=”URI”>

<a dictionary="URI" href="yourURI">

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