Facebook Graph Search with Cypher and Neo4j

Facebook Ggraph Search with Cypher and Neo4j by Max De Marzi.

From the post:

Facebook Graph Search has given the Graph Database community a simpler way to explain what it is we do and why it matters. I wanted to drive the point home by building a proof of concept of how you could do this with Neo4j. However, I don’t have six months or much experience with NLP (natural language processing). What I do have is Cypher. Cypher is Neo4j’s graph language and it makes it easy to express what we are looking for in the graph. I needed a way to take “natural language” and create Cypher from it. This was going to be a problem.

If you think about “likes” as an association type with role players….

Of course, “like” paints with a broad brush but it is a place to start.

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