Hortonworks Sandbox — the Fastest On Ramp to Apache Hadoop

Hortonworks Sandbox — the Fastest On Ramp to Apache Hadoop by Cheryle Custer.

From the post:

Today Hortonworks announced the availability of the Hortonworks Sandbox, an easy-to-use, flexible and comprehensive learning environment that will provide you with fastest on-ramp to learning and exploring enterprise Apache Hadoop.

The Hortonworks Sandbox is:

  • A free download
  • A complete, self contained virtual machine with Apache Hadoop pre-configured
  • A personal, portable and standalone Hadoop environment
  • A set of hands-on, step-by-step tutorials that allow you to learn and explore Hadoop on your own

The Hortonworks Sandbox is designed to help close the gap between people wanting to learn and evaluate Hadoop, and the complexities of spinning up an evaluation cluster of Hadoop. The Hortonworks Sandbox provides a powerful combination of hands-on, step-by-step tutorials paired with an easy to use Web interface designed to lower the learning curve for people who just want to explore and evaluate Hadoop, as quickly as possible.

BTW, the tutorials can be refreshed to load new tutorials as they are released.

A marketing/teaching strategy that merits imitation by others.

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