Hadoop Bingo [The More Things Change…, First Game 22nd Jan. 2013]

Don’t be Tardy for This Hadoop BINGO Party! by Kim Truong.

It had to happen. Virtual “door prizes” for attending webinars, now bingo games.

I’m considering a contest to guess what the next 1950’s/60’s marketing tool will appear next. 😉

From the post:

I’m excited to kick-off our first webinar series for 2013: The True Value of Apache Hadoop.

Get all your friends, co-workers together and be prepared to geek out to Hadoop!

This 4-part series will have a mixture of amazing guest speakers covering topics such as Hortonworks 2013 vision and roadmaps for Apache Hadoop and Big Data, What’s new with Hortonworks Data Platform v1.2, How Luminar (an Entravision company) adopted Apache Hadoop, and use case on Hadoop, R and GoogleVis. This series will provide organizations an opportunity to gain a better understanding of Apache Hadoop and Big Data landscape and practical guidance on how to leverage Hadoop as part of your Big Data strategy.

How is that a party?

Don’t be confused. The True Value of Apache Hadoop is the series name and Hortonworks State of the Union and Vision for Apache Hadoop in 2013 is the first webinar title. My note on the “State of the Union.”

Don’t get me wrong. Entirely appropriate to recycle 1950’s/60’s techniques (or older).

We are people and people haven’t changed in terms of motivations, virtues or vices in recorded history.

If the past works, use it.

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