Apache Hive 0.10.0 is Now Available

Apache Hive 0.10.0 is Now Available by Ashutosh Chauhan.

From the post:

We are pleased to announce the the release of Apache Hive version 0.10.0. More than 350 JIRA issues have been fixed with this release. A few of the most important fixes include:

Cube and Rollup: Hive now has support for creating cubes with rollups. Thanks to Namit!

List Bucketing: This is an optimization that lets you better handle skew in your tables. Thanks to Gang!

Better Windows Support: Several Hive 0.10.0 fixes support running Hive natively on Windows. There is no more cygwin dependency. Thanks to Kanna!

Explain’ Adds More Info: Now you can do an explain dependency and the explain plan will contain all the tables and partitions touched upon by the query. Thanks to Sambavi!

Improved Authorization: The metastore can now optionally do authorization checks on the server side instead of on the client, providing you with a better security profile. Thanks to Sushanth!

Faster Simple Queries: Some simple queries that don’t require aggregations, and therefore MapReduce jobs, can now run faster.Thanks to Navis!

Better YARN Support: This release contains additional work aimed at making Hive work well with Hadoop YARN. While not all test cases are passing yet, there has been a lot of good progress made with this release. Thanks to Zhenxiao!

Union Optimization: Hive queries with unions will now result in a lower number of MapReduce jobs under certain conditions. Thanks to Namit!

Undo Your Drop Table: While not really truly ‘undo’, you can now reinstate your table after dropping it. Thanks to Andrew!

Show Create Table: The lets you see how you created your table. Thanks to Feng!

Support for Avro Data: Hive now has built-in support for reading/writing Avro data. Thanks to Jakob!

Skewed Joins: Hive’s support for joins involving skewed data is now improved. Thanks to Namit!

Robust Connection Handling at the Metastore Layer: Connection handling between a metastore client and server and also between a metastore server and the database layer has been improved. Thanks to Bhushan and Jean!

More Statistics: Its now possible to collect and store scalar-valued statistics for your tables and partitions. This will enable better query planning in upcoming releases. Thanks to Shreepadma!

Better-Looking HWI : HWI now uses a bootstrap javascript library. It looks really slick. Thanks to Hugo!

If you are excited about some of these new features, I recommend that you download hive-0.10 from: Hive 0.10 Release.

The full Release Notes are available here: Hive 0.10.0 Release Notes

This release saw contributions from many different people. We have numerous folks reporting bugs, writing patches for new features, fixing bugs, testing patches, helping users on mailing lists etc. We would like to give a big thank you to everyone who made hive-0.10 possible.

-Ashutosh Chauhan

A long quote but it helps to give credit where credit is due.

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