Raspberry Pi: Up and Running

Raspberry Pi: Up and Running by Matt Richardson.

From the post:

For those of you who haven’t yet played around with Raspberry Pi, this one’s for you. In this how-to video, I walk you through how to get a Raspberry Pi up and running. It’s the first in a series of Raspberry Pi videos that I’m making to accompany Getting Started with Raspberry Pi, a book I wrote with Shawn Wallace. The book covers Raspberry Pi and Linux basics and then works up to using Scratch, Python, GPIO (to control LED’s and switches), and web development on the board.

For the range of applications using the Raspberry Pi, consider: Water Droplet Photography:

We knew when we were designing it that the Pi would make a great bit of digital/real-world meccano. We hoped we’d see a lot of projects we hadn’t considered ourselves being made with it. We’re never so surprised by what people do with it as we are by some of the photography projects we see.

Using a €15 solenoid valve, some Python and a Raspberry Pi to trigger the valve and the camera shutter at the same time, Dave has built a rig for taking water droplet photographs.

Water Droplet Photography

The build your own computer kits started us on the path to today.

This is a build your own parallel/supercomputer kit.

Where do you want to go tomorrow?

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