Apache Hadoop: Seven Predictions for 2013 [Topic Maps in 2013 Predictions?]

Apache Hadoop: Seven Predictions for 2013 by Herb Cunitz.

From the post:

At Thanksgiving we took a moment to reflect on the past and give thanks for all that has happened to Hortonworks the past year. With the New Year approaching we now take time to look forward and provide our predictions for the Hadoop community in 2013. To compile this list, we queried and collected big data from our team of Hadoop committers and members of the community.

We asked a few luminaries as well and we surfaced many expert opinions and while we had our hearts set on five predictions, we ended up with SEVEN. So, without further adieu, here are the top Top 7 Predictions for Hadoop in 2013.

These are just the first predictions I have seen for 2013. I am sure there have been others and there will be lots between now and year’s end.

Assuming we all make it past the 21st of December, 2012, ;-), any suggestions for topic maps in 2013?

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