Building a grammar for statistical graphics in Clojure

Building a grammar for statistical graphics in Clojure by Kevin Lynagh.

From the description:

Our data is typically optimized for use by computers; what would it be like if we optimized for humans? This talk introduces a grammar of graphics for concisely expressing rich data visualizations. The grammar, implemented in Clojure, consists of simple data structures and can be used across the JVM and via JSON. This talk will cover principles of effective data visualization and the benefits of using data structures as an “API”. There will be lots of pictures and a touch of code.

Fear not! It isn’t dull at all.

Part 1 starts with a quick overview of visualization followed by aesthetic rules for graphics and short discussion of D3 and solutions.

Part 2 is starts with mentions of: The Grammar of Graphics by Leland Wilkinson and Ggplot2 : elegant graphics for data analysis by Hadley Wickham. Kein doesn’t like the R logo (I don’t guess you can please everyone) and R in general.

Suggests that a more modern language, Clojure, which is based on Lisp (another modern language?) ;-), is easier to use. I leave religious debates about languages to others.

I do think he has a good point about decomplecting functions.

More materials:

Handout for the presentation. Useful additional references.

Slides for the presentation.

C2PO (in private alpha). The Clojure library demonstrated in the presentation.

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