BigML creates a marketplace for Predictive Models

BigML creates a marketplace for Predictive Models by Ajay Ohri.

From the post:

BigML has created a marketplace for selling Datasets and Models. This is a first (?) as the closest market for Predictive Analytics till now was Rapid Miner’s marketplace for extensions (at



You can make your Dataset public. Mind you: the Datasets we are talking about are BigML’s fancy histograms. This means that other BigML users can look at your Dataset details and create new models based on this Dataset. But they can not see individual records or columns or use it beyond the statistical summaries of the Dataset. Your Source will remain private, so there is no possibility of anyone accessing the raw data.


Now, once you have created a great model, you can share it with the rest of the world. For free or at any price you set.Predictions are paid for in BigML Prediction Credits. The minimum price is ‘Free’ and the maximum price indicated is 100 credits.

Having a public, digital marketplace for data and data analysis has been proposed by many and attempted by more than just a few.

Data is bought and sold today, but not by the digital equivalent of small shop keepers. The shop keepers who changed the face of Europe.

Data is bought and sold today by the digital equivalent of the great feudal lords. Complete with castles (read silos).

Will BigML give rise to a new mercantile class?

Or just as importantly, will you be a member of it or bound to the estate of a feudal lord?

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