Enabling Big Data Insight for Millions of Windows Developers [Your Target Audience?]

Enabling Big Data Insight for Millions of Windows Developers by Shaun Connolly.

From the post:

At Hortonworks, we fundamentally believe that, in the not-so-distant future, Apache Hadoop will process over half the world’s data flowing through businesses. We realize this is a BOLD vision that will take a lot of hard work by not only Hortonworks and the open source community, but also software, hardware, and solution vendors focused on the Hadoop ecosystem, as well as end users deploying platforms powered by Hadoop.

If the vision is to be achieved, we need to accelerate the process of enabling the masses to benefit from the power and value of Apache Hadoop in ways where they are virtually oblivious to the fact that Hadoop is under the hood. Doing so will help ensure time and energy is spent on enabling insights to be derived from big data, rather than on the IT infrastructure details required to capture, process, exchange, and manage this multi-structured data.

So how can we accelerate the path to this vision? Simply put, we focus on enabling the largest communities of users interested in deriving value from big data.

You don’t have to wonder long what Shaun is reacting to:

Today Microsoft unveiled previews of Microsoft HDInsight Server and Windows Azure HDInsight Service, big data solutions that are built on Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) for Windows Server and Windows Azure respectively. These new offerings aim to provide a simplified and consistent experience across on-premise and cloud deployment that is fully compatible with Apache Hadoop.

Enabling big data insight isn’t the same as capturing those insights for later use or re-use.

May just be me, but that sounds like a great opportunity for topic maps.

Bringing semantics to millions of Windows developers that is.

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