HBase at Hortonworks: An Update [Features, Consumer Side?]

HBase at Hortonworks: An Update by Devaraj Das.

From the post:

HBase is a critical component of the Apache Hadoop ecosystem and a core component of the Hortonworks Data Platform. HBase enables a host of low latency Hadoop use-cases; As a publishing platform, HBase exposes data refined in Hadoop to outside systems; As an online column store, HBase supports the blending of random access data read/write with application workloads whose data is directly accessible to Hadoop MapReduce.

The HBase community is moving forward aggressively, improving HBase in many ways. We are in the process of integrating HBase 0.94 into our upcoming HDP 1.1 refresh. This “minor upgrade” will include a lot of bug fixes (nearly 200 in number) and quite a few performance improvements and will be wire compatible with HBase 0.92 (in HDP 1.0).

The post concludes:

All of the above is just what we’ve been doing recently and Hortonworkers are only a small fraction of the HBase contributor base. When one factors in all the great contributions coming from across the Apache HBase community, we predict 2013 is going to be a great year for HBase. HBase is maturing fast, becoming both more operationally reliable and more feature rich.

When a technical infrastructure becomes “feature rich,” can “features” for consumer services/interfaces be far behind?

Delivering location-based coupons for latte’s on a cellphone may seem like a “feature.” But we can do that with a man wearing a sandwich board.

A “feature” for the consumer needs to be more than digital imitation of an analog capability.

What consumer “feature(s)” would you offer based on new features in HBase?

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