YARN Meetup at Hortonworks on Friday, Oct 12

YARN Meetup at Hortonworks on Friday, Oct 12 by Russell Jurney.

From the post:

Hortonworks is hosting an Apache YARN Meetup on Friday, Oct 12, to solicit feedback on the YARN APIs. We’ve talked about YARN before in a four-part series on YARN, parts one, two, three and four.

YARN, or “Apache Hadoop NextGen MapReduce,” has come a long way this year. It is now a full-fledged sub-project of Apache Hadoop and has already been deployed on a massive 2,000 node cluster at Yahoo. Many projects, both open-src and otherwise, are porting to work in YARN such as Storm, S4 and many of them are in fairly advanced stages. We also have several individuals implementing one-off or ad-hoc application on YARN.

This meetup is a good time for YARN developers to catch up and talk more about YARN, it’s current status and medium-term and long-term roadmap.

OK, it’s probably too late to get cheap tickets but if you are in New York on the 12th of October, take advantage of the opportunity!

And please blog about the meeting, with a note to yours truly! I will post a link to your posting.

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