How To Take Big Data to the Cloud [Webinar – 13 Sept 2012 – 10 AM PDT]

How To Take Big Data to the Cloud by Lisa Sensmeier.

From the post:

Hortonworks boasts a rich and vibrant ecosystem of partners representing a huge array of solutions that leverage Hadoop, and specifically Hortonworks Data Platform, to provide big data insights for customers. The goal of our Partner Webinar Series is to help communicate the value and benefit of our partners’ solutions and how they connect and use Hortonworks Data Platform.

Look to the CloudsBig-Data-and-the-cloud

Setting up a big data cluster can be difficult, especially considering the assembly of all the all the equipment, power, and space to make it happen. One option to consider is using the cloud for a practical and economical way to go. The cloud is also used to provide extra capacity for an existing cluster or for test your Hadoop applications.

Join our webinar and we will show how you can build a flexible and reliable Hadoop cluster in the cloud using Amazon EC2 cloud infrastructure, StackIQ Apache Hadoop Amazon Machine Image (AMI) and Hortonworks Data Platform. The panel of speakers includes Matt Tavis, Solutions Architect for Amazon Web Services, Mason Katz, CTO and co-founder of StackIQ, and Rohit Bakhshi, Product Manager at Hortonworks.

OK, it is a vendor/partner presentation but most of us work for vendors and use vendor created tools.


The real question is whether tool X does what is necessary at a cost project Y can afford?

Whether vendor sponsored tool, service, home grown or otherwise.


Looking forward to it!

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