Are You An IT Hostage?

As I promised last week in From Overload to Impact: An Industry Scorecard on Big Data Business Challenges [Oracle Report], the key finding that is missing from Oracle’s summary:

Executives’ Biggest Data Management Gripes:*

#1 Don’t have the right systems in place to gather the information we need (38%)

#2 Can’t give our business managers access to the information they need; need to rely on IT (36%)

Ask your business managers: Do they feel like IT hostages?

You are likely to be surprised at the answers you get.

IT’s vocabulary acts as an information clog.

A clog that impedes the flow of information in your organization.

Information that can improve the speed and quality of business decision making.

The critical point is: Information clogs are bad for business.

Do you want to borrow my plunger?

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