Summarize Opinions with a Graph – Part 1

Summarize Opinions with a Graph – Part 1 by Max De Marzi.

From the post:

How does the saying go? Opinions are like bellybuttons, everybody’s got one? So let’s say you have an opinion that NOSQL is not for you. Maybe you read my blog and think this Graph Database stuff is great for recommendation engines and path finding and maybe some other stuff, but you got really hard problems and it can’t help you.

I am going to try to show you that a graph database can help you solve your really hard problems if you can frame your problem in terms of a graph. Did I say “you”? I meant anybody, specially Ph.D. students. One trick is to search for “graph based approach to” and your problem.

I’ll give you an example. The other day I ran in to “Opinosis: A Graph Based Approach to Abstractive Summarization of Highly Redundant Opinions” by Kavita Ganesan, ChengXiang Zhai and Jiawei Han at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

I think you are going to like this. Max’s work is always interesting but this post is particularly so.

Has implications beyond opinion gathering.

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