Thinking about the HDFS vs. Other Storage Technologies

Thinking about the HDFS vs. Other Storage Technologies by Eric Baldeschwieler.

Just to whet your interest (see Eric’s post for the details):

As Apache Hadoop has risen in visibility and ubiquity we’ve seen a lot of other technologies and vendors put forth as replacements for some or all of the Hadoop stack. Recently, GigaOM listed eight technologies that can be used to replace HDFS (Hadoop Distributed File System) in some use cases. HDFS is not without flaws, but I predict a rosy future for HDFS. Here is why…

To compare HDFS to other technologies one must first ask the question, what is HDFS good at:

  • Extreme low cost per byte….
  • Very high bandwidth to support MapReduce workloads….
  • Rock solid data reliability….

A lively storage competition is a good thing.

A good opportunity to experiment with different storage strategies.

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