UCR Insect Classification Contest [Classification by Ear]

UCR Insect Classification Contest Ends November 16, 2012

As I have said before, subject identity is everywhere! 😉

From the details PDF file:

Phase I: July to November 16th 2012 (this contest)

  • The task is to produce the best distance (similarity) measure for insect flight sounds.
  • The contest will be scored by 1-nearest neighbor classification.
  • The prizes include $500 cash and engraved trophies.

I was amused to read in the FAQ:

Note that the “sound” is measured with an optical sensor, rather than an acoustic one. This is done for various pragmatic reasons, however we don’t believe it makes any difference to the task at hand. The sampling rate is 16000 Hz

If you have a bee keeper nearby, can you do an empirical comparison of optical versus acoustic sensors for the capturing the “sound” of insects?

That seems like a first step in establishing computational entomology. BTW, use a range of frequencies, from sub to super sonic. (You are aware they have discovered sub-sonic sounds from whales can travel thousands of miles? Unlikely with insects but just because our ears can’t hear something doesn’t mean other ears cannot as well.)

I first saw this at KDNuggets.

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