Bookmarks/Notes in PDF

One of the advantages of the original topic maps standard, being based on HyTime, was its ability to point into documents. That is the structure of a document could be treated as an anchor for linking into the document.

Sadly I am not writing to announce the availability of a HyTime utility for pointing into PDF.

I am writing to list links to resources for creating bookmarks/notes in PDF.

Not the next best thing but a pale substitute until something better comes along.

Open Source:

JPdfBookmarks: Pdf bookmarks editor: Active project with excellent documentation (including on bookmarks themselves). GPLv3 license.

Ahem, commercial options:



Nitro Reader

Others that I have overlooked?

Pointing into PDF is an important issue because scanning/reading the same introductory materials on graphs in dozens of papers is tiresome.

A link directly to the material of interest would save time and quite possibly serve as an extraction point for collating the important bits from several papers together.

Think of it as automated note taking with the advantage of not forgetting to write down the proper citation information.

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