Simple network diagrams in R

Simple network diagrams in R by Steve Powell.

From the post:

Why study networks?

Development and aid projects these days are more and more often focussing on supporting networks, so tools to analyse networks are always welcome.

In this post I am going to present a very easy-to-use package for the stats program R which makes nice-looking graphs of these kinds of networks.

In a recent project for a client, one of the outcomes is to improve how a bunch of different local and regional organisations work together. The local organisations in particular are associated with one of three ethnicities, and one project goal is to encourage these organisations to work with one another other as peers.

One tool we used to look at this is the old friend of the educational psychologist, the sociogram. We made a numbered list of about 80 relevant local and regional organisations. Then we sent this list to each of the local organisations and asked them to list the five with which they communicated the most, the five with which they cooperated the most, and the five which they think make the biggest contribution to solving their collective problems.

You won’t always need to spin up a server farm at Amazon or Google for preliminary data analysis.

A tool for quick and dirty analysis but also capable of client friendly presentation.

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