Data Integration Services & Hortonworks Data Platform

Data Integration Services & Hortonworks Data Platform by Jim Walker

From the post:

What’s possible with all this data?

Data Integration is a key component of the Hadoop solution architecture. It is the first obstacle encountered once your cluster is up and running. Ok, I have a cluster… now what? Do I write a script to move the data? What is the language? Isn’t this just ETL with HDFS as another target?Well, yes…

Sure you can write custom scripts to perform a load, but that is hardly repeatable and not viable in the long term. You could also use Apache Sqoop (available in HDP today), which is a tool to push bulk data from relational stores into HDFS. While effective and great for basic loads, there is work to be done on the connections and transforms necessary in these types of flows. While custom scripts and Sqoop are both viable alternatives, they won’t cover everything and you still need to be a bit technical to be successful.

For wide scale adoption of Apache Hadoop, tools that abstract integration complexity are necessary for the rest of us. Enter Talend Open Studio for Big Data. We have worked with Talend in order to deeply integrate their graphical data integration tools with HDP as well as extend their offering beyond HDFS, Hive, Pig and HBase into HCatalog (metadata service) and Oozie (workflow and job scheduler).

Jim covers four advantages of using Talend:

  • Bridge the skills gap
  • HCatalog Integration
  • Connect to the entire enterprise
  • Graphic Pig Script Creation

Definitely something to keep in mind.

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