WikiLeaks as Wakeup Call?

Must be a slow news week. Federal Computer Week is recycling Wikileaks as a “wake up” call.

In case you have forgotten (or is that why the story is coming back up?), Robert Gates (Sec. of Defense) found that Wikileaks did not disclose sensitive intelligence sources or methods.

Hardly “…a security breach of epic proportions…” as claimed by the State Department.

If you want to claim Wikileaks was a “wakeup call,” make it a wake up call about “data dumpster” techniques for sharing intelligence data.

“Here are all our reports. Good luck finding something, anything.”

Security breach written all over it. Useless other than as material for a security breach. Easy to copy in bulk, etc.

What about this says “potential security breach” to you?

Best methods for sharing intelligence vary depending on the data, security requirements and a host of other factors. Take Wikileaks as motivation (if lacking before) to strive for useful intelligence sharing.

Not sharing for the sake of saying you are sharing.

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