Using Sigma.js with Neo4j

Using Sigma.js with Neo4j by Max De Marzi.

From the post:

I’ve done a few posts recently using D3.js and now I want to show you how to use two other great Javascript libraries to visualize your graphs. We’ll start with Sigma.js and soon I’ll do another post with Three.js.

We’re going to create our graph and group our nodes into five clusters. You’ll notice later on that we’re going to give our clustered nodes colors using rgb values so we’ll be able to see them move around until they find their right place in our layout. We’ll be using two Sigma.js plugins, the GEFX (Graph Exchange XML Format) parser and the ForceAtlas2 layout.

Do notice the coloration that Max uses in his examples.

Graphs don’t have a “correct” visualization.

They can have visualizations that lead to or represent insights into data.

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