Adobe Releases Malware Classifier Tool

Adobe Releases Malware Classifier Tool by Dennis Fisher.

From the post:

Adobe has published a free tool that can help administrators and security researchers classify suspicious files as malicious or benign, using specific machine-learning algorithms. The tool is a command-line utility that Adobe officials hope will make binary classification a little easier.

Adobe researcher Karthik Raman developed the new Malware Classifier tool to help with the company’s internal needs and then decided that it might be useful for external users, as well.

” To make life easier, I wrote a Python tool for quick malware triage for our team. I’ve since decided to make this tool, called “Adobe Malware Classifier,” available to other first responders (malware analysts, IT admins and security researchers of any stripe) as an open-source tool, since you might find it equally helpful,” Raman wrote in a blog post.

“Malware Classifier uses machine learning algorithms to classify Win32 binaries – EXEs and DLLs – into three classes: 0 for “clean,” 1 for “malicious,” or “UNKNOWN.” The tool extracts seven key features from a binary, feeds them to one or all of the four classifiers, and presents its classification results.”

Adobe Malware Classifier (Sourceforge)

Old hat that malware scanners have been using machine learning but new that you can now see it from the inside.

Lessons to be learned about machine learning algorithms for malware and other uses with software.

Kudos to Adobe!

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