Building Web apps with Python and Neo4j

Building Web apps with Python and Neo4j

Robert Rees writes:

Neo4J’s provision of an easy to use REST-based graph datastore gives us the chance to explore new ways of storing and organising the information we want to use on the web in the language of our choice; in my case Python.

In this talk I would like to present a few ideas about how we can use graph storage to closely mirror real world structures in web applications that in turn only need to lightly reflect the underlying data.

I will be offering examples through the medium of fantasy games like Morrowind, Fallout and Skyrim. Through a mixture of gaming geekery, reactive programming and data modelling I hope to offer a vision of a graph-based more webby future.

Robert makes a good argument that graphs are better for capturing the flow of actions or information on a website than the traditional page model.

The source code for the flow-based web question and answer: Flow web demo

The source code for the Heroku version: Flow web demo (Heroku version)

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