Neo4j Spring Data & Scala

Neo4j Spring Data & Scala by Jan Machacek.

From the post:

Spring Data is an excellent tool that generates implementations of repositories using the naming conventions similar to the convention used in the dynamic language runtimes such as Grails and Ruby on Rails. In this post, I am going to show you how to use Spring Data in your Scala code.

In this post, we will construct trivial application that uses the Spring Data Neo4j to persist simple User objects. The only difference is that we’ll use Scala throughout and highlight some of the sticky points of Spring Data in Scala.

The post seeks to illustrate that Spring remains relevant, even after the advent of Scala.

It does that but code adoption, like application of security patches, is a mixed bag. Some people are using (read advocating) the latest releases, some people are using useful (read stable) software and still others are using older (read unsupported) software. You are likely to find Neo4j in one or more of those environments. Documentation for any and/or all of them would promote usage of Neo4j.

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