53 Books APIs: Google Books, Goodreads and SharedBook

53 Books APIs: Google Books, Goodreads and SharedBook

Wendell Santos has posted on behalf of ProgrammableWeb a list of fifty-three (53) book APIs!

Fairly good listing but it could be better.

For example, it is missing the Springer API, http://dev.springer.com/, and although they don’t list Elsevier and say http://www.programmableweb.com/api/elsevier-article is historical only, you should be aware that Elsevier does offer an extensive API at: http://www.developers.elsevier.com/cms/index (called SciVerse).

I am sure there are others. Any you would like to mention in particular?

Now that I think about it, guess who doesn’t have a public API?

Would you believe the ACM? Check out the ACM Digital Library and tell me if I am wrong.

Or for that matter, the IEEE. See CS Digital Library.

Maybe they don’t have anyone to build an API for them? Please write the ACM and/or IEEE offering your services at your usual rates.

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