R and Hadoop: Step-by-step tutorials

R and Hadoop: Step-by-step tutorials by David Smith.

From the post:

At the recent Big Data Workshop held by the Boston Predictive Analytics group, airline analyst and R user Jeffrey Breen gave a step-by-step guide to setting up an R and Hadoop infrastructure. Firstly, as a local virtual instance of Hadoop with R, using VMWare and Cloudera's Hadoop Demo VM. (This is a great way to get familiar with Hadoop.) Then, as single-machine cloud-based instance with lots of RAM and CPU, using Amazon EC2. (Good for more Hadoop experimentation, now with more realistic data sizes.) And finally, as a true distributed Hadoop cluster in the cloud, using Apache whirr to spin up multiple nodes running Hadoop and R.

More pointers and resources await you at David’s post.

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