I saw Ontolica mentioned in a blog post as a SharePoint search solution. Going to their site I found:

Ontolica for Sharepoint 2010 takes the basic capabilities of SharePoint Search and transforms them into a true enterprise collaboration platform and addresses key SharePoint maturity challenges.The complete solution is easily-deployed to provide more relevant results, faster search navigation, and deep scalability. Best of all, Ontolica Search allows SharePoint administrators to implement customizations without programing. By selecting options in the administrator interface and immediately deploying them to end-users. It install in minutes , and can be adapted and customized without risk to meet the needs of almost any organization.

Being topic map oriented by nature, ;-), I looked for aggregation capabilities:

Need to find all of the documents on your farm that are tagged with a case-number, as well as all of the documents from your file-shares that contain that case-number in their content? With Ontolica Aggregate this is simple. And unlike content query solutions, Ontolica Aggregate leverages the power of the SharePoint search infrastructure, to provide unlimited scalability, and virtual libraries of any size.

In other words I can find all the documents that have the same case-number.

Are you as unimpressed as I am?

The other capabilities, formats supported, previews, filters, suggestions, yawn, visit the site for a complete list of features found on most if not all SharePoint enhancement software.

I won’t repeat the stories you already know about SharePoint and why it needs enhancement. No argument there.

I do have two suggestions:

  1. Consider a topic map based solution to augment your present SharePoint installation. (Try Networked Planet)
  2. Suggest to MS that it incorporate topic map capabilities into SharePoint X. Sharepoint X archives would be accessible as Sharepoint changes and to access Sharepoint data in other applications. (Imagine, mapping, not migrating data. I wonder which vendor would benefit from that?)

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