Sensei – Major Update


My first post on Sensei was December 10, 2010 – Sensei – which if you follow the link given there, redirects to the new page.

The present homepage reads in part:


Open-source, distributed, realtime, semi-structured database

Powering LinkedIn homepage and LinkedIn Signal.

Some Features:

  • Full-text search
  • Fast realtime updates
  • Structured and faceted search
  • Fast key-value lookup
  • High performing under concurrent heavy update and query volumes
  • Hadoop integration

Quite different and not idle claims about numbers. I have heard of LinkedIn, as I am sure you have as well. 😉

I appreciate the effort to stay as close to SQL as possible but lacking a copy of the current SQL standard (I need to fix that), I don’t know how much Sensei has diverged from SQL or why?

Not to nit-pick too much but entries like:

Note that wildcards % and _, not Lucene’s * and ? are used in BQL. This is mainly to make BQL more compatible with SQL. However, if * or ? is used, it is also accepted.

that I saw just scanning the documentation says to me that a close editing pass would be a useful thing.

I haven’t run the examples (yet) but marks for the cars data example and capturing a Twitter stream.

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