Topical Classification of Biomedical Research Papers

JRS 2012 Data Mining Competition: Topical Classification of Biomedical Research Papers

From the webpage:

JRS 2012 Data Mining Competition: Topical Classification of Biomedical Research Papers, is a special event of Joint Rough Sets Symposium (JRS 2012, that will take place in Chengdu, China, August 17-20, 2012. The task is related to the problem of predicting topical classification of scientific publications in a field of biomedicine. Money prizes worth 1,500 USD will be awarded to the most successful teams. The contest is funded by the organizers of the JRS 2012 conference, Southwest Jiaotong University, with support from University of Warsaw, SYNAT project and TunedIT.

Introduction: Development of freely available biomedical databases allows users to search for documents containing highly specialized biomedical knowledge. Rapidly increasing size of scientific article meta-data and text repositories, such as MEDLINE [1] or PubMed Central (PMC) [2], emphasizes the growing need for accurate and scalable methods for automatic tagging and classification of textual data. For example, medical doctors often search through biomedical documents for information regarding diagnostics, drugs dosage and effect or possible complications resulting from specific treatments. In the queries, they use highly sophisticated terminology, that can be properly interpreted only with a use of a domain ontology, such as Medical Subject Headings (MeSH) [3]. In order to facilitate the searching process, documents in a database should be indexed with concepts from the ontology. Additionally, the search results could be grouped into clusters of documents, that correspond to meaningful topics matching different information needs. Such clusters should not necessarily be disjoint since one document may contain information related to several topics. In this data mining competition, we would like to raise both of the above mentioned problems, i.e. we are interested in identification of efficient algorithms for topical classification of biomedical research papers based on information about concepts from the MeSH ontology, that were automatically assigned by our tagging algorithm. In our opinion, this challenge may be appealing to all members of the Rough Set Community, as well as other data mining practitioners, due to its strong relations to well-founded subjects, such as generalized decision rules induction [4], feature extraction [5], soft and rough computing [6], semantic text mining [7], and scalable classification methods [8]. In order to ensure scientific value of this challenge, each of participating teams will be required to prepare a short report describing their approach. Those reports can be used for further validation of the results. Apart from prizes for top three teams, authors of selected solutions will be invited to prepare a paper for presentation at JRS 2012 special session devoted to the competition. Chosen papers will be published in the conference proceedings.

Data sets became available today.

This is one of those “praxis” opportunities for topic maps.

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