SDShare (PDF file)

According to the blog entry dated 16 December 2011, with a pointer to this presentation, this is a “recent” presentation. But the presentation has a copyright claim dated 2010. So it is either nearly a year old or it is one of those timeless artifacts on the web.

The ones that have no reliable indication of a date of composition or publishing. Appropriate for the ephemera that make up the eternal “now” of the WWW. Less appropriate for important technology documents, particularly ones that aspire to be ISO standards in the near future.

The slide deck is a good overview of the goals of SDShare, if a bit short in terms of the actual details. I would suggest using the slide deck to interest others in learning more and then passing onto them the original SDShare document.

I would quibble with the claim at slide 34 that RDF data makes “…merging simple.” So far as I know, RDF never specifies what happens when you have multiple distinct and perhaps inconsistent values for the same property. Perhaps I have overlooked that in the plethora of RDF standards, revisions and retreats.

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