Hadapt is moving forward

Hadapt is moving forward

A bullet-point type review, mostly a summary of information from the vendor. Not a bad thing, can be useful. But, you would think that when reviewing a vendor or their product, there would be a link to the vendor/product. Yes? No one that I can find in that post.

Let me make it easy for you: Hadapt.com. How hard was that? Maybe 10 seconds of my time and that is because I have gotten slow? The point of the WWW, at least as I understand it, is to make information more accessible to users. But it doesn’t happen by itself. Put in hyperlinks where appropriate.

There is a datasheet on the Adaptive Analytic Platform &trade:.

You can follow the link for the technical report and register, but it is little more than a sales brochure.

More informative is: Efficient Processing of Data Warehousing Queries in a Split Execution Environment.

I don’t have a local setup that would exercise Hadapt. If you do or if you are using it in the cloud, would appreciate any comments or pointers you have.

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