VC funding for Hadoop and NoSQL tops $350m

VC funding for Hadoop and NoSQL tops $350m

From the post:

451 Research has today published a report looking at the funding being invested in Apache Hadoop- and NoSQL database-related vendors. The full report is available to clients, but below is a snapshot of the report, along with a graphic representation of the recent up-tick in funding.

According to our figures, between the beginning of 2008 and the end of 2010 $95.8m had been invested in the various Apache Hadoop- and NoSQL-related vendors. That figure now stands at more than $350.8m, up 266%.

That statistic does not really do justice to the sudden uptick of interest, however. The figures indicate that funding for Apache Hadoop- and NoSQL-related firms has more than doubled since the end of August, at which point the total stood at $157.5m.

Takes more work than winning the lottery but on the other hand it is encouraging to see that kind of money being spread around.

But, past funding is just that, past funding. Encouraging but the real task is creating solutions that attract future funding.


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