From the readme:


Multispective is an open source intelligence management system based on the neo4j graph database. By using a graph database to capture information, we can use its immensely flexible structure to store a rich relationship model and easily visualize the contents of the system as nodes with relationships to one another.


The main purpose for creating this system is to provide socially motivated groups with an open source software product for managing their own intelligence relating to target networks, such as corporations, governments and other organizations. Multispective will provide these groups with a collective/social mechanism for obtaining and sharing insights into their target networks. My intention is that Multispective’s use of social media paradigms combined with visualisations will provide a well-articulated user interface into working with complex network data.

Inspired by the types of intelligence management systems used by law enforcement and national security agencies, Multispective will be great for showing things like corporate ownership and interest, events like purchases, payments (bribes), property transfers and criminal acts. The system will make it easier to look at how seemingly unrelated information is actually connected.

Multispective will also allow groups to overlap in areas of interest, discovering commonalities between discrete datasets, and being able to make use of data which has already been collected. (emphasis added)

The last two lines would not be out of place in any topic map presentation.

A project that is going to run into subject identity issues sooner rather than later. Experience and suggestions from the topic map camp would be welcome I suspect.

I don’t have a lot of extra time but I am going to toss my hat into the ring as at least interested in helping. How about you?

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