bibleQuran: Comparing the Word Frequency between Bible and Quran

bibleQuran: Comparing the Word Frequency between Bible and Quran

From the post:

bibleQuran [] by datavis design firm Pitch Interactive reveals the frequency of word usage between two of the most important holy books: the Bible and the Quran.

The densely populated interactive visualization allows people to search for any word (and similar variations of that word) to explore its frequency in both texts. As each verse is always visible, one is able to compare the relative density of ideas and topics between both passages. For instance, one could select verbs that represent acts of ‘terror’ or ‘love’, and investigate which book discusses the topics more. The appropriate little rectangles, each representing an according verse, which include such this chosen word, are then highlighted, and can be read in detail by hovering the mouse over them.

In addition to being a great graphic presentation of information, with my background and appreciation for both texts, you know why I had to include this post.

I like the synonym feature, although I reserve judgment on what is considered a synonym. 😉 I would have to read the original. Translations of both texts are, well, translations. Not really the same text in a very real sense of the word.

Just as a suggestion, I would do the word count statistics separately for the Old/New Testament.

Word of warning: Loads great with Firefox (7.1) on Windows XP, doesn’t load with IE 8 on Windows XP, doesn’t load with Firefox (3.6) on Ubuntu 10.04. So, your experience may vary.

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