Large Scale Machine Learning and Other Animals

Large Scale Machine Learning and Other Animals

From About Me:

Danny Bickson

I am a project scientist at Carnegie Mellon University, Machine Learning Department. I am interested in distributed/parallel large scale machine learning algorithms and applications on various computing platforms such as clouds and clusters. Checkout our GraphLab project page. I am quite excited about multicore matrix factorization code that I recently wrote, that has been downloaded about 1500 times, and helped us win the 5h place in ACM KDD CUP 2011 contest (out of more than 1000 participants). We are looking for industrial collaboration around GraphLab. Contact me if you are interested in hearing more.

I encountered this blog due to its current post on installing GraphLab on Ubuntu

I am sure I will be pointing out other specific posts in the future but thought I should direct your attention to his blog and the GraphLab project while it was on my mind.

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