High Wizardry in the Land of Scala

High Wizardry in the Land of Scala by Daniel Spiewak.

Daniel is obviously not a decaf fan. 😉

Covers some advanced features of Scala:

  • Higher-Kinds
  • Type Classes
  • Type-Level Encoding
  • Continuations

He mentions a series of posts at Apocalisp, which starts with: Type-Level Programming in Scala, which has a listing of the following post, sort of. The list is incomplete and not really consistent with all the following articles. A complete listing would be handy. To save the author time I may contribute one.

I am wondering if type encoding of data structures would be useful with complex subject identifiers?

BTW, is Ruby a better language for conferences? Daniel mentions that at Ruby conferences they have porn in their slides. All that you find here is a nasty looking math slide. Would Benjamin be the right person to ask?

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