Semantic Integration in the IFF

Semantic Integration in the IFF by Robert E. Kent


The IEEE P1600.1 Standard Upper Ontology (SUO) project aims to specify an upper ontology that will provide a structure and a set of general concepts upon which domain ontologies could be constructed. The Information Flow Framework (IFF), which is being developed under the auspices of the SUO Working Group, represents the structural aspect of the SUO. The IFF is based on category theory. Semantic integration of object-level ontologies in the IFF is represented with its fusion construction. The IFF maintains ontologies using powerful composition primitives, which includes the fusion construction.

Comments: Presented at the Semantic Integration Workshop of the 2nd International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC2003), Sanibel Island, Florida, October 20, 2003.

IFF = Information Flow Framework. From, Barwise, Jon and Jerry Seligman. Information Flow: The Logic of Distributed Systems. Cambridge Tracts in Theoretical Computer Science 44. Cambridge University Press. 1997.

Historical document at this point but interesting none the less. Describes a category theory view of semantic integration.

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