Information As Art: 20 Stunning Examples Of Visualized Data

FInformation As Art: 20 Stunning Examples Of Visualized Data by Brad Chacos.

From the website:

Numbers, percentages, bits of data; normally, we tend to look at these tidbits as information, useful for statistical analysis and not much more. Accounting isn’t sexy. Spreadsheet programmers don’t cultivate the same star power as lead programmers on video games. But numbers and raw data hold a unique and powerful allure their own – just ask John Carmack.

Unfortunately, if you aren’t one of those aforementioned accountants or spreadsheet programmers, seeing the art in numbers can be tough. Data visualization changes that. By changing the way we look at ratios and integers and statistical anomalies and giving us the power to actually see the relationship between sets of inputs, data visualization brings a sense of wonder and humanity back to statistical analysis. And no, we never thought we’d ever say anything like that. We blame that Carmack guy.

Don’t believe the hype? Check out the twenty examples below and we think you’ll concur that data can be art. There’s a bonus if you make it all the way to the end!

One commenter mentioned:

Processing, open source programming language for graphics, animation, etc.

Cinder, graphics library for C++.

OpenFrameworks, “an open source C++ toolkit for creative coding.”

As places to see more visualizations.

Visualization is important as part of mining data, which you can then capture in a topic map as well as being a means of delivering topic map based content to your users.

(from @StatFact, RT from Joab_Jackson)

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