Trouble with 1 Trillion Triples?

Franz’s AllegroGraph® Sets New Record – 1 Trillion RDF Triples”

From the post:

OAKLAND, Calif. — August 16, 2011 — Franz Inc., a leading supplier of Graph Database technology, with critical support from Stillwater SuperComputing Inc. and Intel, today announced it has achieved its goal of being the first to load and query a NoSQL database with a trillion RDF statements. RDF (also known as triples or quads), the cornerstone of the Semantic Web, provides a more flexible way to represent data than relational database and is at the heart of the W3C push for the Semantic Web.

A trillion RDF Statements eclipses the current state of the art for the Semantic Web data management but is a primary interest for companies like Amdocs that use triples to represent real-time knowledge about telecom customers. Per-customer, Amdocs uses about 4,000 triples, so a large telecom like China Mobile would easily need 2 trillion triples to have detailed knowledge about each single customer.

Impressive milestone for a NoSQL solution and the Semantic Web.

The unanswered Semantic Web management question is:

What to do with inconsistent semantics spread over 1 trillion (or more) triples?

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