Topic “Flow” Map?

The Economist’s Twitter followers click links, Al Jazeera’s retweet, study finds

This article uses “topic map” in the sense of:

Timing and topical interest matter when seeking attention. By arranging audience tweets into topic maps, we were able to visualise the flow of attention between topics of interest, across the different audiences.

The “topic map” is of @AJENGLISH Audience for an hour.

You can see the full article at: Engaging News Hungry Audiences Tweet by Tweet: An audience analysis of prominent mainstream media news accounts on Twitter

The full article includes another “topic map” of Fox.

As a publisher, I would be interested in what terminology I could use to reach other audiences, perhaps at other times. Doing that mapping of identifications, would require a more traditional topic map.

If you were clever with it, that could result in real-time tracking of different memes for the same subjects across user streams such as Facebook and Twitter. From tracking it is just a short step to modeling and then influencing those memes.

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