Cassandra SF 2011

Cassandra SF 2011

Slides with videos to follow!

From the website:

Keynote Presentation

  • Jonathan Ellis (DataStax)State of Cassandra, 2011 (Slides)

Cassandra Internals

  • Ed AnuffIndexing in Cassandra (Slides)
  • Gary Dusbabek (RackSpace)Cassandra Internals (Slides)
  • Sylvain Lesbresne (DataStax) Counters in Cassandra (Slides)

High-Level Cassandra Development

  • Eric Evans (Rackspace)CQL – Not just NoSQL, It’s MoSQL (Slides)
  • Jake Luciani (DataStax) Scaling Solr with Cassandra (Slides)

Lightning Talks

  • Ben Coverston (DataStax)Redesigned Compaction LevelDB (Slides)
  • Joaquin Casares (DataStax)The Auto-Clustering Brisk AMI (Slides)
  • Matt Dennis (DataStax)Cassandra Anti-Patterns (Slides)
  • Mike Bulman (DataStax)OpsCenter: Cluster Management Doesn’t Have To Be Hard (Slides)
  • Stu Hood (Twitter)Prometheus’ Patch: #674 and You (Slides)

Practical Development

  • Jeremy Hanna (Dachis)Using Pig alongside Cassandra (Slides)
  • Matt Dennis (DataStax)Data Modeling Workshop (Slides)
  • Nate McCall (DataStax)Cassandra for Java Developers (Slides)
  • Yewei Zhang (DataStax)Hive Over Brisk (Slides)


  • Jake Luciani (DataStax) Introduction to Brisk (Slides)
  • Kyle Roche (Isidorey) Cloudsandra: Multi-tenant Platform Build on Brisk (Slides)

Use Cases

  • Adrian Cockcroft (Netflix)Migrating Netflix from DataCenter Oracle to Global Cassandra (Slides)
  • Chris Goffinet (Twitter)Cassandra at Twitter (Slides)
  • David Strauss (Pantheon)Highly Available DNS and Request Routing Using Apache Cassandra (Slides)
  • Edward Capriolo (media6degrees)Real World Capacity Planning: Cassandra on Blades and Big Iron (Slides)
  • Eric Onnen (Urban Airship)From 100s to 100′s of Millions (Slides)

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