Highly Scalable Erlang Web Apps

Highly Scalable Erlang Web Apps by Yurii Rashkovskii.

From the post:

Erlang is not well known for it’s ability for writing Web applications on the front-end; however, it can be incredibly powerful for writing scalable and highly scalable. Yurii Rashkovskii, creator of Beam.js and Erlagner.org is helping to change that with a laundry list of Erlang open source projects and libraries which make writing powerful and scalable Web applications back possible in Erlang. Yurii Rashkovskii recently presented on some of the powerful frameworks he has presented at the Erlang Factory in London and shares some of his projects and their powerful abilities.

In addition to useful information about Erlang web apps, Yurii says:

If one would look at my current list of open source Erlang projects, they might seem like a pile of unrelated stuff, but there’s actually a very basic idea behind most (if not all) of these projects. The idea is that if we want to make Erlang a much more attractive platform for other developers, we should act more on befriending adjacent communities, instead of directly competing with them. (emphasis added)

Is that a useful way to think about topic map applications?

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