Scala for the Curious Erlang Programmer

Dean Wampler – Scala for the Curious Erlang Programmer

From the description:

Scala is a statically-typed, hybrid functional and object-oriented language for the JVM. The Scala standard library includes an Erlang- inspired Actors library. In this talk, I’ll discuss how Scala compares and contrasts to Erlang, highlighting the advantages and disadvantages of each language for particular needs. For example, we’ll discuss the pros and cons of a rich type system and static typing in Scala. We’ll discuss ways that Scala is perhaps more general purpose than Erlang, but not as powerful in the areas where Erlang excels.

Always useful to choose the right tool for a task. Including semantics as understood by users.

You may also enjoy Dean’s Polyglotprogramming site, with links to his presentations and blog.

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