Massively Parallel Database Startup to Reap Multicore Dividends

Massively Parallel Database Startup to Reap Multicore Dividends

From the post:

The age of multicore couldn’t have come at a better time. Plagued with mounting datasets and a need for suitable architectures to contend with them, organizations are feeling the resource burden in every database corner they look.

German startup Parstream claims its found an answer to those problems. The company has come up with a solution to harness the power of GPU computing at the dawn of the manycore plus big data day–and it just might be onto something.

The unique element in ParStream’s offering is that it is able to exploit the coming era of multicore architectures, meaning that it will be able to deliver results faster with lower resource usage. This is in addition to its claim that it can eliminate the need for data decompression entirely, which if it is proven to be the case when their system is available later this summer, could change the way we think about system utilization when performing analytics on large data sets.

ParStream is appearing as an exhibitor at: ISC’11 Supercomputing Conference 2011, June 20 – 22, 2011. I can’t make the conference but am interested in your reactions to the promised demos.

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